113 Coal

Welcome to Arizona Rock and Mineral Co., the best place to buy model train coal online for those interested in scale trains and modeling the coal-hauling railroads of our country. By sourcing from only the most reliable suppliers, our coal adds another level of realism to your railroad tracks.

Train modeling appeals to so many for a range of reasons. Whether you are pursuing it as a hobby, wish to learn a new set of skills, or as a form of artistic expression, you are going to need coal to complete your model. That’s why we sought out to support the model railroad community by offering superior quality coal to help them bring their ideas into reality. Our coal will, beyond a doubt, make a great asset to your train layout or railroad hopper.
Our vision is to become a leading supplier of model train coal in order to meet the needs of model railroading enthusiasts everywhere. To achieve this vision, we are constantly upgrading and expanding our capabilities to better serve the model railroad community.
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