A 20 minute scene

The town is to appear as though it’s built on a mountain side. That means the stone retaining walls for the next level should look like their built on the existing rock formations. I find it easier to install the cast plaster stone walls in place first and then add the rock formations later.

I like to work fast so the pieces of old spray foam were cemented in place with plaster instead of glue. Plaster sets fast and I can add Zip Texture right away and be done with the scene.

Earlier, the street and sidewalk was made to follow the lay of the slopped land. Some of the buildings needed a cardboard foundation to raise them to the right elevation so the doorways met the sidewalk at the best elevation. A little work remains to get the buildings plumb with one an other.

Chunks of spray foam were torn out from an other scene I was changing. I saved this foam to see if I could re-use it for this area. I used a hacksaw blade to cut the foam flat on the bottom and on the back where it fits against the plaster retaining walls. Plaster was applied at the points of contact and pushed into place. More plaster was poured of the raw foam and tooled until it looked a little like natural stone. I then (without waiting), sprinkled #1200 Cajon Powder, #9 grass, #2 Dead & Alive ground cover and ended with a little clump foliage. Wetting agent was applied and diluted glue was dripped on for bonding and the job was done.

If you look again at the top picture, you’ll notice very little stone retaining wall shows.

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