A Lit Service Station Sign out of Brass

Bob’s Super Service finally got the high highway sign lite so the motorist can easily see where to fuel up at night. While I was at it, a few other lights were installed in the building and around the property. I photographed all the construction steps and will soon submit it to one of the magazines for publication.

Weston train crews

The family of train crews are back together again after a long absents and posed for this picture. Pictured are Engineers, Firemen, Brakemen, Conductors and Dispatcher. I also learned how to make pigeons out of brass with one of them on the Geep cab. Mrs Spumoni and baby Pistachio are now in their new house as she checks out her new clothes lines. The checker players are on the second floor and well into a new game as the old hound dog sleeps. To get a large image like this, the camera lens had to be four inches away. The detail of Weston Figures is hard to believe as the masters were carved from beeswax over sixty years ago according to Leo Campbell.