Boot Jack High Level

After a couple of years of hiatus, the relocation of Bootjack AZ is underway on my upper level. I keep expanding with scratch-built structures that resemble my extensive line of the Campbell Scale Models buildings. In the view below are six structures with Campbell shingles on the roofs. This water tank and tool shed were inspired by ads in the model press and old articles from the magazines. My model closely follows the Fine Scale Miniatures kit #125 that was released in 1974 and sold for $35.95 with a production of 3,000 units. The cost for me is only a few dollars as I buy strip wood and scribed siding from Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix AZ. They are one of the few hobby shops left that still stock the scratch supplies I need.

The water tank needs the band lugs, rafter tails, longer ladder, and two working lights. Brandon Enterprises make the rubber mold for the plaster casting I cut up for the base walls of the water tank. One of my personal custom carved stone castings encloses the open-air storage area. The double track is 1/4″ Homabed with Mico Engineering stained ties and their weathered code 70 rail. Ballasting was done with #1092 Cumbres & Toltec before the rail was spiked.

The near track now has extra #1092 ballast added along the slope to fill in the bare spots as you see in the far track. The foreground cardboard is now covered with #1070 High Desert Powder and #2 Dead & Alive foliage for now. A couple of Ramex track gauges are in the code 70 slots for spiking the rail. That Ramex track gauge was cut into individual sections as that long spine that connected them together was very awkward to work with. The spikes are Mico Engineering “small spikes” that works best in HO.

The mortar was applied to all the stonework with thinned water-based aged white paint. All the roof rafter tail are in place and the catwalk and fire barrels on the shed roof. The project is on hold until the right light bulbs come in from the hobby shop. The upper-level layout is 58 inches high and is reserved for my most detailed work as it’s closer to eye level. Other structures in this scene are from Campbell Scale Models.

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