BootJack Mine and Water Tower

Mountain snow, valley rain. Four to six inch’s above four thousand feet
This is the way the weather forecast is given to us in Arizona. The elevation determines the temperature and thus, rain or snow is forecast Statewide. When moisture moves in, the Desert will get rain and the “high country” snow.
One of my favourite Campbells structures is the Northern Water Tank with the Old Man walking down the tracks. Bootjack is a mountain mining town with occasional long term freezing temperatures so this gave me a good reason to have the model on the layout. We have very cold weather in Arizona today so why not have a permanent snow scene in the mountains.

The out of print Campbell catalogue #eight has many inspiring colour photos like this. Thirty years later, and I finally built the model.

You can’t always have a model turned in the direction for head-on viewing like the photo above. The scene looks much better than this camera shot because the lighting and depth of field just aren’t there.

A light dusting of snow actually makes the dark structures and scenery look more inviting because of the contrast of light and dark.
Why don’t you ask for a bag of #1320 Marble Dust Snow?