From the Kalmbach book published in 1965 and reprinted several times including the 1973 edition that I have. The first section describes a background of various bridges for railroads and highway overpasses. The text with pictures covers simple wood trestles to the Santa Fe steel arch bridge over Canyon Diablo (Devils Canyon) in Arizona. Part two has eighteen building and structure projects with plans from a tiny passenger station, single unit engine house, engine service structures, on-line railroad buildings, and industries. I have to build a few of them over the years even though my models may be altered a bit from the original drawings.


The article was written by Lloyd Giebner and he states that his model is a replica of the first unit the Santa Fe built in Wichita KS. The unit was built as an experiment using conventional over the road truck trailers on modified flat cars. Mr. Giebner had a second article for building a modern l.c.l. freight house. I changed the style of the building but kept the overall size about the same. 1/4″ foam core artboard is used for the structure and then painted with acrylics. Parapet walls are covered with strips of cardboard to hide the foam board edge.

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