Caboose Light Markers

That freight isn’t ready to leave until the conductor turns on the marker lights.
I bought an old caboose with a bay window. I place a toggle switch that powers the L.E.D. marker lights and a 3-volt interior bulb. Stay away from those slide switches as they can be unreliable. A toy train becomes more interesting when lighted for “after dark” operations. The caboose typically sets square on the rails, but I tipped it slightly for the picture.

All caboose or specially marked freight cars have Logic Rail Technologies detectable wheelsets to activate the red block signal if left on the mainline while switching cars at a siding.

That 16 car freight emphasizes that my yard has a bowl to keep cars from rolling out on the mainline. The camera also exaggerates the kink in the yard tracks at left.

Before that train leaves, have the conductor turn on the lights to simulate a “get ready” action for train movements. In this situation, how about a train is approaching from the rear, that’s why they have marker lights.

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