Cal’s City Transfer, Rail Truck Terminal

That’s a wonderful personal touch to your model railroad! It must be special to have a piece like “Cal’s City Transfer, Rail Truck Terminal” that not only enhances your layout but also holds a meaningful connection to your family. If there’s anything specific you’d like to add or modify on this model, feel free to share!

“On the track in the background, we painted with 138 (CSX/Southern Pacific/Wabash Gray). We applied Desert Varnish 1402 on the tin roof. Then use 101 (Red Cinder), 115 (Empire Builder Basalt), and 103 (Black Cinder) for ground cover.”

 Over View of Cal’s City Transfer, Rail Truck Terminal

Cal’s City Transfer and Rail Truck Terminal sounds like a potential facility on a model railroad layout that would handle the interchange between railroad freight and trucking logistics. A terminal like this would typically include loading docks for transferring goods between railcars and trucks, ensuring efficient cargo handling and distribution within a city or industrial area.

If you are looking to add such a feature to your layout, you might include several detailed aspects such as:

  1. Railroad Siding: A track for parking freight cars during loading and unloading could feature various types of freight cars. Such as boxcars and flatcars, to model realistic cargo operations.
  2. Truck Loading Area: A paved area with loading docks where trucks can back up to the railcars or to a warehouse for easy loading.
  3. Warehouse Facilities: Large buildings serve as storage areas where goods are temporarily held before being loaded onto trucks or trains. These could have large doors and forklifts for moving pallets.
  4. Office Building: A small building serves as the operations center for managing the terminal’s activities. This could include details like signage, parking lots, and landscaping.
  5. Vehicles and Figures: Adding details like workers, forklifts, and different types of trucks can bring life to the scene.

This setup would not only add visual interest but also provide operational opportunities on your model railroad, where you could simulate the logistics of cargo transfer.

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Cal's City Transfer, Rail Truck Terminal