Campbell Tree

This is a closeup of the branches of a pine tree using Campbell Scale Models foliage material. This type of foliage gives the tree a wispy appearance that has its’ own appeal to modelers. The openness allows you to see through the forest at whatever there is in or behind a grove of trees. This variety is a lot of work, and I may do a web-site tutorial on the technique if folks are interested.

I go back in time by reading about old techniques for much of my modeling. Jack Work introduced these “Wispy” types of trees. The variety shown here uses “Air Fern” for the branches. This, I believe, is the material found in the old Campbell kits. All my tall pines have trunks shaped from Cedar as it has more strength than Balsa and not as hard as Pine to work with. The Air Fern Stems are very thin and need to be built up thicker in the area near the trunk. I use Burnt Umber Acrylic paint directly out of the tube with a brush to add thickness for a better appearance. The scenery shell is my paper bag method with glue and dirt added for color and texture. Now I’ll add more soil and foliage ground cover at the trunk bases to plant them properly. The trestle is from Campbell and stained with a homemade product.

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