Campbell’s Scale Models “Tall Curved Timber Trestle” times two

Displaying Campbell’s Tall Curved Timber Trestle with 2 kits arranged end to end was my first scenery project for the new layout. Many modelers built at least the single span in the 70’s but rarely seen anymore as the hobby has changed. Kit instructions have templates for a radius up to 36″ of which this is. The scenery is just roughed out so the main line could be completed around the room. Doubling the length allows a wider canyon floor that I wanted in this corner of the layout. A very subtile scenic effect is to make the canyon walls with different slopes so the trestle flows with the scenery.The extra trestle kit gives you two bridged openings that in this case allow me to have the lower mainline pass underneath into the next room. The left opening is for a mountain stream (Puerco River) that will run along side of the foreground tracks. This area will be included for incorporating our fictitious town of “Puerco” in the Puerco River Canyon.

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