Clayton J

Purchased the asphalt material. Great stuff and easy to work with. One covered an area of about 6″ x 8″, so if you are in doubt on coverage, get an extra bag.


Don Jenkins

Best model railroad ballast and scenery products available! I have tried other brands in the past but ARM ballast is my personal favorite. Quality products and great customer service. The best !!


Steve Anderson

I use ARM ballast, rock, and dirt almost exclusively, as it is closer to scale than the others. I model an early 50’s shortline, and it did not use ballast that was 6″ in diameter — where they used ballast at all, nor were roads covered with 3″ gravel as a driving surface.

The products are very rock-like – – since they are rock. I coat my sandstone rock surfaces with fine rock powder, then weather it. Looks just like rock — again, since that is what it is.

I love the stuff, as you can tell.


Ron Eberhardt

I have purchased and used on my layout many Arizona Rock & Mineral products. Items have always been exactly as described on the Web site and shipping is fast. Price comparison is difficult because I haven’t found another company that does what they do as well as they do it. Thanks for a great product.


Tom O’Hara

I have bought multiple bags of multiple colors in multiple sizes. I love the choices, particularly with the help of the sample bags. It’s real rock which doesn’t float when glued down. The subtlety of different colors gives me the choice of getting the color I want. There are even different coal sizes. The service is decent and the supply seems to be generally available. I buy this stuff only from them.


David Vokins

I use Arizona Rock and Mineral for all my ballast and quite a bit of my scenery. I model Colorado and the sand and gravel materials are excellent for that region.