Two of my middle school boys are interested in trains. George likes to run them and John likes building scenes.

The whole world is now in full gear getting ready for Christmas so John asked, “Dad, can I build some Christmas scenes on the layout?” “Yea, I suppose so, I said, just don’t bust anything.” “I’ll build it, John said, and then Dad, you take pictures of it then, ok?” Here is a kids interpretation of “getting ready for Christmas.”

The little trees we have are too big, so I taught John how to cut them in half and then give them a hair cut to re-shape them. All this was done so he could make the Christmas tree lot. We see trees tied to vehicles going down the highway, thus the tree on a van at left.

John placed some punkins and squash on the freight platform. Some food has to be shipped so folks have plenty to eat for the holidays he told me. That old truck brought a tree to the platform for George to pick up with his train.

John made gang planking across the tracks so passengers and freight could be moved from the station. Some men are moving stuff around getting ready for train time.

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