From the Kalmbach book; Bridges & Buildings
Article by; Frank Titman
This coal barge was to go with the car dumper that the author built in a preceding article. My model has a cardboard hull, deck, holds, and pilothouse. Strip wood was glued to the floor and used for the other trim. I built it for a harbor scene module that used to attend the Phoenix G.T.S. shows in the eighties. Three sizes of our coal are in the holds. From the left; Fine, Medium, and Large. Campbell’s Corrugated Roofing is on the pilothouse. I weathered it with my #1400 Pigment. Floquil’s S.P. Letter Gray is always painted on first full strength and allowed to tack dry. The pigment is then brushed on with a soft bristle brush. Some Black and orange pigments are added to obtain natural color hues of rusted metal. Testors Dull coat was then brushed on to bleed the colors and also recover any shiny spot as a last resort to cover them up.

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