Easy steps for modelling a vacant lot

This is imagined to be a “dirt” vacant piece of ground over run with weeds and trash.

  1. The color of dirt (one of my products that end in “0” is an earth power. In this case, it’s #1020 Light Earth. Notice that a lot of it shows through. The whole area was covered with it first and glued in place. I chose to place some random gravel (#1154 Basalt ballast for an extra effect.
  2. 2 Dead and Alive Ground cover was applied sparingly.
  3. 4 Yellow Grass was applied by just clipping short pieces with scissors and allowed to fall randomly.
  4. 5 Green Grass was done the same way. Most of the clippings will lay down flat on the ground so don’t overdo it.
  5. Wet and glue this in place and allow to dry completely.
  6. Now you want some Yellow and Green grass to stand up. Place a few random dots of glue on the landscape and plant short snips of grass in the glue. Tease to tops to spread them out so the grass looks bushy.
  7. You can finish up with some paper litter (cigarette paper) , an old barrel, natural twigs and an animal. When you are all done, the original “dirt” should show through in random places.

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