Election Day

The folks in Bootjack enjoy going down in person to vote as it’s also a time to socialize and catch up on the latest news.

November 3rd
A narrative

Everyone was having a good social get-together at the Polling place when Mrs Spumoni decided to go inside to cast her vote. She told her husband to watch Pistatio while she went inside, whispering, (I think he was a dirty diaper) and left him in his care. The men just started talking again and didn’t notice the baby slip away. Someone thought they saw him slip around the backside of the Conductor but didn’t know for sure.

Read what happens next latter.

November 4th
Mrs Spumoni Comes out the door and instantly realizes her baby Pistatio in missing. She screams, Pistachio, Pistachio. The train conductor seems to hear her (as he leans forward trying to listen), but the loud sound of the departing train muffled her screams. The people nearby seem to say in unison, “We think he’s on the train”, as thou trying to reassure her. Her husband said, “well you know how much he loves riding trains?” Mrs Spumoni replies, “I know that Conductor, he’s as dumb as that cow standing over there.” “And furthermore, you so-called train men—You get my baby back to me.”

November 5thThe mad dash to the Western Union Office

Everyone agrees the best thing to do now, is get over to the train station and get a message down the line to stop the train and retrieve little Pistachio. There were two people that didn’t come with the group, “the Loafer and Cowboy.” That is not surprising as they often have other ways of solving problems. Mr. Spumoni and his wife quickly explain, “please get a message down the line, our baby Pistatio in on the train”. The Western Union man (standing by the sign) says, “I did it 15 minuets ago. Mrs. Spumoni ask, “how did you know to do that?” The telegraph man says, ” the Loafer sent his best carrier pigeon with a note telling what happened, see the pigeon on the roof?” Now with that done, everyone will have to wait to see what happens.

The next instalment is 11/8/2010
The purpose of all this to see if a Cartoon like a storyline could be done with my models and people then shot with a camera instead of drawing pictures.