A diorama with two kits from JL Innovative

The O’Lary’s Garage complex arrived from JL Innovative on Monday and it was combined with their Mc Leod Supper Service kit for this diorama. The module is on a 1/4 ” Masonite base with my #1290 Concrete Paving material applied. The details are now in place. A long stretch of the upper layout has been reserved for a number of roadside attractions along our Route 66 and the Santa Fe. Strips of Masonite (rough side up for adhesion) are precoated with my #1290 Concrete paving material and then moved into place. A tiny screw will hold them down on the ends as they warp as seen in the photo below. Painting some distant hills/mountains on the backdrop dramatically improves the scene. The hardboard base that the structures are mounted on can be removed at any time for working on the scene or painting the backdrop.

Use 1090 earth for your earth around the bare parts in the concrete.

Route 66 is under construction in the foreground and paved like the driveways with our #1290 Concrete paving Material.

Many of the detail castings are visible at this side of the gas station. JL Innovative makes a “Deluxe Gas Station detail set #510 that was used in the service bay side of the building driveway.

O’Lary’s Garage is a diversified operation as you see by the signs. I have a few Packards from National Motor Company and placed a touring model upfront. This building was treated with weathering to represent chipped and peeled paint. I added a sidewalk in front of the structure made from thin cardboard and coated with #1290 Concrete Paving Material.

The truck service garage is part of the O’lary’s kit that allows you to build it as a separate entity such as I did. A lot of detail castings are included so the work area can have clutter like this. The effect of peeling paint is most notable on the red building trim. Chose figures and vehicles to bring life to the scene.