JUNKYARD at Cedar Street

A fellow could spend a whole day detailing even a small junkyard like this and down the road, I will. Before this happens, a picture helps to decide how it should be done. This end is reserved for the Hot Rod dream cars that I never had time to build in my younger days. There were only a couple old Fords left to pick from in the junkyards back home and most of the essential parts were stripped off anyway. I think what happened is when the miners left the area during the depression and other long strikes, they migrated to California. My junkyard will have plenty of cars to choose from in a short time. The building is a plaster casting that was built with plaster stones glued together with door and window openings. Mark from A.I.M. made a rubber mould for me and this is a result of the work. Campbell shingles had many of the tabs cut shorter so the rows look very randomly.

One would think that every vehicle in this facility is junk. There are only a couple people that know this, but some of them still run. It’s been rumored that the intelligence community stores some surveillance and “high speed” chase cars here. If you were astute enough to take inventory during the day and then, check back late at night, some of them would be missing. In fact, there are a couple Packards missing right now. This happens frequently as some cars are missing for days, and then reappear again very late at night. A suspicious person can’t let his curiosity betray himself by getting caught with any knowledge of this so you have to remain very discrete.

Like I said, the next morning a couple high speed Packards showed up in the junkyard.

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