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100Fifty  DirtCoal113124Fools GoldGhost City Concrete136
101Red CinderOak Creek Red114125Pink LadyWood  Debris137
102Kaibab LimestoneBasalt115126White PigmentCSX138
103Black CinderApache Stone116127Gray PowderPigments140
104Sedona RedMauve117128Smooth StoneSt Louis blend150
105Penn GrayOrange118129ConcreteStamp Sand151
106Beach SandRoofing Sand119130NP GrayPit Run152
107High DesertAsh1220131Mill TailingsIndustrial Powder200
108Jerome OreCajon120132White MarbleBNO201
109EartAspalt121133CSX Bright GrayKinzua300
109cCumbersYard Mix122134Green GraniteDesert Plum400
110Low DesertUP Tan Granite123135UP GraySante Fe Mauve500


The process of laying the ballast needs much care. You may get into a problematic area that you may not what the ballast or that color. If you’re going to blend multi colors, mix it, and store that first. Start pouring the ballast on the track from the bag or another container. Pour down the length of the track. Use a paintbrush about 1” wide to brush the ballast into the ties and to the sides. If you need an area to be a bit dirty, add some brown ballast or some pigment now. If the track is old or abandoned, place some grass and dirt middle and alongside.

Gluing the ballast

Never glue down the ballast till you are ready, and you don’t want any other changes. Use an eye drop with 50% glue and 50% water. Start in the middle of the track and keep adding till the edge starts getting wet on the surface. This is so the ballast does not move from the water. We do not suggest that you use alcohol or other than glue. So add some dish soap to make it flow better. The glue will take several hours to dry completely. Best to dry overnight. When dried or nearly add some powder of the same color or brown to add back some color, the was a loss from the water moving the dust that was in the product. When thoroughly dried, use the brush/ vacuum to find and lose ballast you don’t want. If the layout is not going to move, you can skip this.