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We are a manufacturer of all natural of model railroad ballast and scenery materials. We have 20 different colors. We have been providing the best ballast, rock, and soil products for 32 years

Dealer Terms are: 40% off retail plus actual shipping cost
We will charge your credit card when shipped.
If the order on our website, we will give you a code for your discount.
We ship USPS priority flat rate boxes and ships in 7-14 day.

Arizona Rock & mineral would love to do business with your hobby shop.
Free shipping on your first order

Typical boxes are
o A box holds 18 bags and weighs 13 pounds
o Medium Flat rate box holds 32bag and weighs 24 pounds
o Large flat rate box holds 42 bags and weighs 32 pounds

George Anderson
Arizona Rock and Mineral Co.
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