The near siding track is called the “Oil Track” where the petroleum tanks and warehouses are serviced by rail and then trucks on this side. There is only about 8″ of depth to work with and there must be a narrow service road included in the foreground. The storage tanks are by Campbell Scale Models and tanker transport bodies from Sheepscot.

The far spur is called “Suydam Siding” with the Swift meatpacking plant at this end. It still needs a cattle pen for unloading those fattened steers.

All this will take a while as much scratch building must be done and I have to haul and crush rock for a few days.

Use # 2000 INDUSTRIAL DIRT around your industrial areas for that grey flat dirty look. There is also #3001 for small rock with no specific color to it.


I went to a swap meet in Prescott and couldn’t find anything of interest except these three tank cars and a caboose and spent $3.00 on them. They needed couplers and trucks of which are now installed from parts on hand. Someone before me drilled the holes off center for the coupler screws so they don’t swing freely. I don’t expect them to operate on the layout, but they at least make a nice static display. You know, it’s not a perfect world around here either so move on.