The Fast Mail is approaching Williams and its movement is controlled by two kinds of signals. We have our own rules governing the color and types. Our block signals for the mainline are three color actuated by Twin T block detectors with a double throw four pole relay. If a train is in a block, it’s protected with a “red” LED light at both ends. If that train approaches a green block signal, everything is clear for the next two blocks. When a train enters a block with yellow over green, (as you see in the picture) That block is clear, but there is a train in the next block. That train crew needs to slow down and see the next signal. Time tables also let the crew know if there is an opposing train or their following one a block behind. It sounds stupid if all operators can see the entire layout and know at a glance where the trains are anyway. I just like to see the lights change as a train passes through each territory. The dwarf signals are for switch position and powered through the AC of the Scale Shops motor-driven turnout machines. I use three dwarfs per switch so every direction of travel is represented. My dwarfs use LEDs and emit light from the backside also as I like it that way. All this requires a lot of wires, but I like this challenge of the hobby. I never let it become a burden as it’s done a little at a time and the reward is satisfying. In a moment, the Fast Mail will snatch the mail sack on the crane.

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