Pistachio Goes Missing

The base is 1221 Yard Mix.

Pistachio heading home
The “Loafer” has just sent a pigeon to “Rosy” with a note that Pistachio is on his way home to Bootjack in uncle Tony’s car. (Rosy is Mrs Spumoni’s identical twin sister). The Pigeon has roosted on the church stoop and is waiting to see what happens next.

The base is 1303 Black Cinder HO Mainline with 1172 Mauve and 110-03Low Desert Soil as the earth on the right.

Cowboy and the so-called train men are sheepishly heading back to Bootjack empty-handed. They got duped by taking the wrong track in search of Pistachio’s train. However, he notices some activity up ahead.

Finally, baby Pistachio is back in the arms of Mama Spumoni. That Grandmother on the train put his diaper on really good, It must be he’s so active it won’t stay on very long.