We have 25 colors for a realistic model railroad ballast for your layout. You can use our ballast for Z, N, HO, S, O & G scales. We also have over  35+ color of model railroad scenery products including Coal, Coke, Gold,  Ore, Ground Cover, River bed mix, and much more. Some customer mixes some of our products together to get a color just right for the railroad they are modeling. Our bag is about 8 fluid oz (12 oz. in weight).

Nothing looks as realistic as natural products. Arizona Rock and Mineral Co. offer selected real rock (stone) for model railroad landscaping and scenery. All rock screened by size. The high-quality and naturally quarried ARMBallast is matching any roadbed from any railroad. The fine-grained ballast is ideally suitable for the realistic decoration of station areas, between tracks and marshaling stations. But the natural rock (stone) can also be used for the creation of any scene. Or you use it in a river bed or stream. There are many possible applications. The bigger rock/stones can be simply glued for mountainsides and streams.

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