HO Mainline

Ho Mainline make the difference on your layout. Using larger HO Scale rocks for your mainline tracks mean that they will look bigger and be more visible from farther away. It also means that the detail will be more visible. One may think that larger HO Scale rocks will be oversized compared to the “medium-sized” stuff but more often than not, they are never grossly out of scale and the slight oversize even makes it look more like rock packed in around the ties. Sacrificing the perfect scale for aesthetics and to preserve texture is never a bad idea.
The size of rocks on real railroads varies which also need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, experimentation is a good idea. Even if not to scale, wouldn’t it be great to see the texture of your ballast from normal viewing height?
We have 25 colors for a realistic model railroad ballast for your layout. We also have over 35+ color of model railroad scenery products including Coal, Coke, Gold, Ore, Ground Cover, River bed mix, and much more. Some customer mixes some of our products together to get a color just right for the railroad they are modeling. Our bag is about 8 fluid oz (12 oz. in weight).
Choose the color that are appropriate for your locale and complement the colors of your scenery. It’s your Model railroad layout Do want your like.
It is possible to combine two colors to create the effect you require, but mixing the materials must be done accurately to allow you to combine the two colors again should you need more material

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