500 Cactus Berry Winslow Santa Fe Mauve “Red” Ballast


Red rock

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    Steven L.
    US US
    Red rock of home

    Great ballast and rocks. Used them for a southwest scene. Fit and matched great.

    Phillip R.
    US US
    Ballast review

    I purchased these products as test to see how N Scale ballast would look on my Ho Scale layout that is under construction. I plan on order the same colors later this week in HO Scale to try as well. This is my first layout that will have ballasted track. I have many friends that tell me HO Scale is too large but your N Scale ballast seemed to fine for me. I am just getting to the stage of construction for ballasting. I will be in touch very soon for more product.

    Gregory C.
    US US
    Ballast not yet received

    I would love to tell you all about the product, but unfortunately I am still waiting to receive it despite having ordered it over 30 days ago. It would be nice to receive some kind of status updates so I know when it might be shipped.


    This red ballast best matches Santa Fe in the red ballast areas on your model railroad.

    About Santa Fe

    The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway (reporting mark ATSF), AKA Santa Fe, or the AT&SF. The was a railroad chartered in 1929 and is one of America’s larger railroads. ATSF named after the cities and towns of Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe. The railroad stretched to the Kansas-Colorado border in 1873 and Pueblo, Colorado in 1876. To create a demand for its services. The railroad established real estate offices and sold farmland out of the land grants of which Congress awarded them. Its mainline did not directly serve Santa Fe, despite having the name. However, the Santa Fe railroad did not service Santa Fe, NM due to the nature of the terrain. In addition due to mountainous terrain. Instead, the metropolitan city of Albuquerque served New Mexico and the Santa Fe Area. Read about Santa Fe

    Track ballast forms the trackbed upon which railroad ties (sleepers) lay. Ballast is packed between, below, and around the ties. Ballast is used to bear the load from the railroad ties, to facilitate drainage of water, and to keep down vegetation that might interfere with the track structure. The ballast also holds the track in place as the trains roll over it. It consists of crushed stone. The term ballast comes from a nautical term for the stones used to stabilize a ship.

    Number System, if the product ends with a
    0 – Powder
    1 – N Scale
    2 – HO Scale
    3 – O Scale/ HO Mainline
    4 – G Scale
    5 – Rock / Riprap
    6 – Medium Rocks / Riprap
    7 – Large Rocks

    Santa Fe Red Ballast

    5000 Cactus Berry Winslow Santa Fe Mauve Powder
    5001 Cactus Berry Winslow Santa Fe Mauve N Scale
    5002 Cactus Berry Winslow Hue Santa Fe HO Scale
    5003 Cactus Berry Winslow Hue Santa Fe Ho Mainline O Scale
    5004 Cactus Berry Winslow Hue Santa Fe Large – G Scale
    5005 Cactus Berry Winslow Hue Santa Fe Boulders
    5007 Cactus Berry Winslow Hue Santa Fe Rip Rap

    Other Red Rock



    Additional information

    Weight11.5 oz
    Dimensions4.2 × 2.7 × .85 in

    0 Powder, 03 Sand and Gravel, 1 N Scale, 2 HO Scale, 3 Large "O" Scale, 4 Rocks "G" Scale, 5 Large Rocks, 6 Boulders, 7 Large Boulders