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Martin C.

Ballast purchase

I was unsure what to use for ballast for a 5'6" x 11" layout my granddaughter and I are working on. (She will Probably end up taking this one home) I kept reading about ARM ballast so ordered a lot of samples. The colors are excellent. working in n scale for the first time I guess I just didn't realize how small the ballast was going to be. Let me explain that as STRICTLY as a personal preference I do not care what is prototypical or that 2 feet = 240 feet, whatever. I like the look of something larger. If I simply want color I can paint play sand (same particle size as most n scale ballast being sold or tile grout) I did however want real stone for ballast. The order of samples from ARM arrived quickly and the color choices were awesome. My granddaughter and I are still debating on a final colo rbut it's looking like a mix of pink lady granite and pa gray. I actually qrew up in PA and remember the pink lady mixed with gray granite and a yellow sand stone or limestome/dolomite. So the color choice reminds me of home a little. And being a 12 year old girl Pink Lady granite was a natural for my construction assistant. I still thought n and ho were too small for what I wanted so I ordered some o scale out of curiosity. Much colser to what was wanted. So when I get to the ballasting part I will be ordering o scale colors to mix. Ballasting was never a favorite of mine but I'm kind of looking forward to using ARM ballast.

Kenneth R.

Very poor service/communication

Was not impressed!! Absolutely no communication. It took over a month to get my order. Website just said processing order the whole time. I sent emails with no response. If something was wrong with order, I would have been willing to change it. Then a week after I finally got my order, I received an email saying my order was being shipped. Wow, just a tad slow there. It would have been nice to get a thank you on the receipt or a saying sorry it took so long. But nothing! In these times of model railroading with manufacturers and businesses closing, you would think being a small business you would care a little bit more about the customer. Kenny

Michael P.

Great Samples!

The samples are a great way to verify the colors of the products. I found them to match the online photos very well.

Paul F.

Samples are very nice

Bought 3 different samples, very wise, came pretty fast shipping. Got the right one picked out and ordered. Now waiting over a week on my order to get shipped out and no one responding to my email about an eta

Rich S.

Fine stuff

Got five samples. Very clean, fine texture, good match to colors shown on website.



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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in
All Colors

101 Red Cinder, 102 Kaibab Limestone, 103 Black Cinder, 104 Sedona Red, 105 Pennsylvania Gray, 106 Beach Sand, 107 High Desert, 108 Jerome Ore, 109 Earth, 109c Cumbres & Toltec, 110 Low Desert, 112 Coke, 113 Coal, 114 Oak Creek Red, 115 Empire Builder Basalt, 116 Apache Stone, 117 Mauve, 118 Oak Creek Orange, 119 Roofing Sand, 120 Cajon, 121 Asphalt Paving, 122 Ash Pit Gray, 122Y Yard Mix, 123 UP Tan Granite, 124 Fools Gold, 125 Pink Lady Gratine, 126 White Pigment, 127 Gratine Powder, 128 Smooth Stone, 129 Concrete Powder, 130 Northern Pacific Gray, 131 Yellow Mill Tailings, 132 White Marble, 133 NS CSX Bright Gray, 134 Green Granite, 135 Union Pacific Gray, 136 Ghost City Concrete, 137 Wood Debris, 138 CSX SP Wasbash, 139 White Limestone, 150 St. Louis Mix, 151 Pit Run, 152 Stamp Sand, 154 Baltimore & Maryland, 201 BNO Rail Yard, 300 Kinzua, 400 Southwest Chief Desert Plum, 500 Cactus Berry Winslow Huew Mauve


0 Powder, 03 Sand and Gravel, 04 Sand and Gravel, 1 N Scale, 2 HO Scale, 3 Large "O" Scale, 4 Rocks "G" Scale, 5 Large Rocks, 6 Boulders, 7 Large Boulders