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Don Lane asked 4 years ago

I\’m A Model Railroader, but I also collect rocks and minerals. I have a huge layout I built with natural rock and stone YEARS ago from Texas  —  sandstone and all natural stuff in a desert scene. Any chance of buying a large chunk of the pyrite BEFORE you crush it up? This would save you money and give me a nice specimen for a decent price. I\’m looking for about a 3 pound piece. Let me know what\’s available. Also if you have some with white quartz impurities I\’d like some of that also. I am a pyrite collector and have it from all over the world — but none from Arizona. No crushee     sell as mineral specimen    get it? Any photos email me so I can make a selection. Thanks —- Don PS: I have bought several Atlas engines from Spring Creek lately for my layout. Thats how I saw your ad.

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

We do have that.