The Santa Fe follows the lazy Rio Puerco River from Eastern Arizona well into New Mexico for a couple hundred miles. This scene on the layout would be a good place to use up many of my Campbell Scale Model old west structures for a factious name sake town. Pictured below is the other corner of the Tall Curved Trestle where the scenery has been established also. I’ll finish the rest of the rock formations as though they were there first and then build the retaining walls and rock fills for the building pads and winding roads of the town. The three company houses perched on the canyon ledge are a good place to start. Two of Campbell’s tall curved trestles built end to end allowed me to have a wide canyon. A 36″ radius is a must for the passenger trains that I run. I long forgot the formula of the gray and brown homemade stains used as Floquil stopped making them about then. Our #120 Cajon Sand stone products will be used for the scenery.

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