Rock the the lake shore

When most people think of a lake shore of ocean shore we think of flat and sand. If you think of a natural lake we then think of grass and reed all the way into the lake. But a lot of shores are rocky and not very bare feet friendly.

Here we made a rock shore with a boat house on top of a pier. Use can use rocks to build up a shore around the pier you want. In this photo we used 2015 and 2017 BNO rocks. You should use the rock color that fits the area you are modeling.


Rocks are the perfect complement to a lake installation in your scene. They can be used to build up devotement (backfill), for break water, and to line a cascading waterfall, or to serve as the foundation for the lake. One of the easiest ways to incorporate rocks in your scene is to select larger, more attractive pieces and strategically place them around lake to serve as lake accents. This will give your lake texture, interesting variations in height, and a more natural look.

Rocks can beautify your scene and are easy to place, can provide utility, and are versatile. With various colors and textures, rocks can transform the look of the lake and add a little accent to the scene to spice up your property and give it a dazzling touch. Placing rocks on your lake has a ton of benefits and can be a very easy process. It requires practically no preparation and can save you a ton of time and money. If properly placed and maintained, rocks on your lake can last for a very long time, and are very easy to maintain. To obtain a visually stunning effect, you can place rocks of different colors and textures, say, light grey rocks on a darker-multitoned scene by your lake. You can also adjust the rock by placing larger, flat rocks to adjust different parts of the lake to create a heightening effect.

Placing rocks on the lake can prevent erosion. Erosion can destroy all of the hard work that you have put into your scene. The shore which is exposed can be stripped away by water, wind, and traffic. If your topsoil is not protected or cannot absorb water effectively, it leaves an ugly bed of land underneath. In order to prevent having to spend money on solving a foundational issue, you will want to control erosion. Luckily, you can prevent this by placing rocks by the lake in your scene. A layer of river rock on a steep grade can hold in place the soil and prevent runoff, in turn preventing erosion. Rocks are low-maintenance, and they don’t break down like mulch or wooden landscape features. They are cheap (although delivery may be expensive) and do not have to be replaced. Rocks are fire-proof and helps reduce the fire risk in your scene to some extent, and generally bring natural beauty to your scene.

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