Scratch building a George Sellios design service station

I don’t believe this was ever a Fine Scale Miniature kit that George built for his layout. You can see what I’m talking about by referring to page 33 in George’s book about his Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. The station also reappears on page 63 in the November Model Railroader. He has red trim, and I went with Sinclair green. I have about $40.00 in the scene that is mostly the cost of the detail parts. We had ten service stations in Calumet, and I worked at once as a teenager and hung out at several others in town. So I Gasoline Alley scene next door as that garage is at right. Caserio’s owned the Sinclair bulk plant and service station next to the railroad tracks on West Pine Street in Calumet. My friend’s parents owned a Sinclair Station a few blocks away on East Pine Street. Mine is just called the “Calumet” station. Every layout needs a close-up action spot in every town, so this is the model chosen for the purpose here. There is an outside service area where all that equipment is displayed.
The scene is early 1950’s so the cars will be that and older. A corrugated metal fence frames in the property. Street and sidewalk curbs have been touched up with #1290 Concrete Paving material. A row of #1155 Basalt Rip/Rap rock placed between the street and railroad right of way. The now painted cast metal details are; windshield wiper display cabinet, tire changer, battery charger, four shelve cabinet, 10-ton press, workbench (wood), air-powered grease pump on the barrel, wheel balancer, and bearing packer. Other service station equipment is in the scene also. It never winters on this part of the layout so that vehicles can be worked on outside year around.

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