Scratch built Ice House and Loading Platform

I had an Icehouse, but it was too wide for the available space on the layout. This structure measures 4″ X 18″ and three Reefers can be spotted for icing at a time. The story behind this structure is as follows. My oldest son and I were in Durango Colorado, visiting with Ruth and Leo Campbell to purchase Campbell Scale Models. After an all-day discussion about their business, it occurred to me about my “Icehouse” dilemma. I ask Leo, “do you have an Icehouse kit planed for the future?”. Leo said, “I do.” Can you show it to me, “I asked”? He shook his head, “No.” When I got home, I drew up this plan, made the model from Campbell parts, took a picture of it and sent it to Leo. A few days later, I called him to see what he thought about my model, and It was made from Campbell parts I said? All he gave me was a “Humph,” then said it looked beautiful.

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