So-called railroad men head out

The railroad men decided to head out down the line to catch up with Pistachio’s train as they are reminded of the command by Mrs. Spumoni.
Products used is 1090c Earth around the base area building, 1221 Yard Mix, 1220 ash, and 3000 Kinzua as the base.

“Cowboy” has hopped on the engine that is chasing down baby Pistachio’s train. He claims his ability to read sign will aid in the effort. The train slowly approaches a junction when Cowboy yells “STOP.”

Cowboy notices something on the track up ahead and goes to take a look.
He holds up something for everyone to see and declares, “this must be baby Pistachio’s diaper and it looks dirty to me.” He further exclaims, “If you didn’t have me along, you fellas may have taken the wrong track at the junction.”
The red is 1040 Red Sadona and the ballast is 1303 HO Mainline

Little Pistachio is having the time of his life. When he got on the train, an old Grandmother spotted him as he seemed cold and bewildered. She quickly wrapped a blanked around him (that came just in time as the Conductor didn’t see him when walking by). Conductors hate little kids anyway.

The grandmother then pulled off his dirty diaper and threw it off the back of the train. She deliberately tossed it on the adjacent track, (she didn’t want to be accused of being a litterbug). Grandmothers always have a couple of spare diapers in their handbag just for such emergencies. Then she had the dining car waiter bring him some hot soup as the little darling seemed dreadfully hungry.

Life for a little guy can’t get better that this, but how long will it last?