T.Sobon Layout

I have used “AZROCK” produces extensively for Scenery on my representation of Western Pacific in NE Nevada, 1952 or about. The base scenery is hard shell, sculptimold, plaster rocks, thenpainted with light tan laytex paint with covered with Low Desert soil. Next layer, has some addition AZ Rock, different shades of dirt,small loose plaster rocks and AZ Rock loose rocks/riff raft. Industrial and commercial areas use AZ Rock Industrial dirt.  This is very realistic because of the very fine texture and hard pan surface of well used areas.   GREAT PRODUCT; I buy direct and from local hobby store Hobby Smith in Portland Oregon.

Bridge over Furnace Creek in Devils Canyon.

The turntable lead and new Diesel fuel  AZ Rock cinders.  looks very good especially with a little bit of
 red cinders

Main street Wells 

Houses in east Wells 

Painted Rock Mesa east of Wells 

Station and Freight house note most of the hardpan area made from Industrial dirt with some sanding.

Large rock formation heading towards Devils Canyon 

The passing siding at Ponderosa flats, steam facilities in the background

Another side of Furnace Creek,  sandstone rocks and formations in Canyon