Texaco Station diorama

The Texaco Station diorama is mounted on a 1/4″ Masonite base, 11, 1/4″ X 9, 1/4″
Everything you see on this base is included. I moved the billboard to the left side as it gives more room for the outside work area on the right. Next to the building is an upholstered seat for the local loiterers to sit on, oil can display rack, barrel, tire leak checker tub, old ford truck, Ford V/8 flat head engine on pallet, compressed gas bottle, floor jack, air compressor, roll-a-way tool box, green barrel, silver barrel, couple tires and bottle container.

There is also a bell ringer hose for the island and a air meter with hose. The pump island also has a trash barrel. There is a hoop sign and fire hydrant at street side. The new owner may want a fence for the back an sides of the property to frame in the scene, I don’t have any of that right now. There are four sections of fence gates that are included.

I take a lot of time to weather a scene and building properly. This is how the Texaco station looked like when it was part of the O’Lary’s module. I cut them apart from each other as the scene would have been too large to ship as a whole unit. The Red Ford sedan is not included as you can buy your own from Mini Metals. The reason for this picture as most of the tall street sign shows up. I will remove this for shipping and you can stick it back on latter. Also what you get is the coal box and barrel on the left side in the structure.

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