The area around this Campbell Scale Models “Tall Curved Trestle” (two kits end to end) was done with a single layer of paper bag scenery. Planting the pine trees worked out ok, but if foam were underneath, it would have been better.

Step 1.

The tallest features for this scenery are the pine trees and should be planted last. I decided that it would work out best if their locations are established first, then remove them for installing the low ground cover and underbrush. The tall pine trunks were temporally planted for knowing were the dead needle litter (#16) should be placed. Some grass flock was glued in place and then a few Tufts of stand up grass. More of this is yet to be installed as it looks to barren for now. You can see a tree at left with the Air Fern branches that are half-finished.

Step 2.

Adding a small pond
There was a flat area at the base of the canyon so I placed a small pond there. Micro Engineering ties are in place for the track leading to the Saw Mill.
More ground cover and trees

1375 Wood Debris, #2 Dead & Alive Ground Cover, #4 Yellow Grass, #5 Green Grass and a few rocks (#1205 and 1207 Cajon Sandstone). Clumps of Sage Brush are at the far right and just right of centre are some Utah Junipers made with real Sage armatures. Rails are laying loose on the scenics roadbed with the Mauve ballasted mainline in the foreground. Every tree has been done by different techniques to see what looks best. My focus will be on what materials will have the best longevity over the years. Natural foliage materials will fade and become brittle with time. To avoid this, I’ll use Hemp Twine for the branches instead of the Asparagus Fern. You can see a tree with only the Asparagus Fern at far right. To the left of that tree is one done with Hemp branches.

Pine needles are short snips of jute twine I stained dark green.

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