UNION PACIFIC “pull-by” inspection point

Irven wrote an article in the early ’60s with pictures and scale drawing of a Union Pacific rolling or “pull-by” inspection station located in Laramie Wyo. These inspections were performed along with intermediate railroad points at both ends of the yard. Train speed was restricted to ten/fifteen miles per hour while a man stood on each side of the track. Ground-level floodlights were attached to old brake wheels to serve as stands. Inspectors watched for faulty equipment such as brakes, dragging parts, and hot boxes. All trains stopped in this yard, so a telephone was used to inform yard repair crews of the suspected problems. My layout is a very loose version of the Santa Fe, so any small structure that appeals to me will find an appropriate spot of real estate. There was not a model in the article, just text, photos and drawing of the prototype. My model is the same length as the drawings. However, the roof was extended to cover the platform I added to the building. The board siding is sugar pine. The door is Campbell as well as the smoke jack and swamp cooler. The 1 3/4 X 2 5/8 structure will fit easily on your layout and add more purpose to the railroad physical plant. The windows and door are only tack glued in place so you can see all the components in the raw before its painted. This time, I dry brushed a little Floquil Grime to lighten the walls and roof. Everything was brushed with my white pigment to make the building look dry and dull to kill any gloss from the stains.

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