TOP TRACK; Micro Engineering stained wood ties that are narrower than mainline flex track ties below. Tie spacing is wider and hand laid code 70 rail . A combination of “N” scale ballast and dirt with some vegetation on the roadbed. This track is for a siding leading to a saw mill.

LOWER TRACK; At least a slightly elevated roadbed (1/4″ Homasote from California Roadbed Co.) for typical mainline drainage. Code 83 flex track from Micro Engineering. Two colors of ballast with our #1152 Basalt (Empire Builder) for the outside color. I said before, it ends up this darker color after gluing. Mauve #1172 HO Fine ballast around the ties minimizes the visual width of the right-of-way. The ties were lightly weathered with shades of weathered black, gray and brown to avoid the plastic look.

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