Weston train crews

The family of train crews are back together again after a long absents and posed for this picture. Pictured are Engineers, Firemen, Brakemen, Conductors, and dispatchers. I also learned how to make pigeons out of brass with one of them on the Geep cab.

 Weston train crews
Weston train crews

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Weston train crews from Campbell scale models are a great way to add realism to your model train layout. The crews are made of high-quality materials and are painted in accurate detail. They come in various poses so you can choose the perfect one for your layout. Campbell scale models also offer a variety of accessories, such as tools, equipment, and buildings, so that you can create a complete and realistic model train scene.

Here are some of the Weston train crews from Campbell scale models:

  • Engineer: The engineer is the person who drives the train. He is responsible for operating the controls and ensuring the train runs safely.
  • Fireman: The fireman helps the engineer operate the train. He shovels coal into the firebox and keeps the boiler stoked.
  • Conductor: The conductor is responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew. He collects tickets, makes announcements, and helps passengers with their luggage.
  • Brakeman: The brakeman helps the conductor with his duties. He is responsible for setting and releasing the brakes and keeping the train on the tracks.
  • Switchman: The switchman operates the switches that direct the train’s path. He must be cautious to ensure the train is on the right track.
  • Yardmaster: The yardmaster is responsible for moving trains in the yard. He directs the trains to their proper tracks and ensures they are correctly aligned for departure.

These are just a few Weston train crews from Campbell scale models. With so many different options, you can create a genuinely realistic and detailed model train layout.

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