Where all the trains in the system are at 9:30 AM on any given day on our historic Santa Fe model railroad.

Seligman engine service and Work Train siding
When the “Work Train” is needed, it will be assighned a number by the dispatcher and run as an “Extra”.

Phoenix Junction in Ashfork
Train” #220″ is at the end of its run in Ashfork and is positioning passenger and express cars brought up from Phoenix with Engine #301. These cars must be ready in time for pick up by the East Bound Grand Canyon Limited and East bound Fast Mail.

All the passenger equipment has American Limited operating diaphragms as seen on the express baggage car.

Home of Escalante Harvey House and Santa Fe Freight Station
RDC “Extra” is used to shuttle fresh train crews either East or West to replace any other train crew personal that become “Dead on the Law”. Ashfork is a crew change town anyway for some trains.
The Ashfork yard has been re-graded for “Humping” cars out of Phoenix and other East Bound trains that need to be re-blocked with those trains. West bound trains are never humped here as they just pass through.

Home of the Frey Marcos Harvey House.
Train “#412” East Bound Mixed Freight waiting in the “hole” (inside passing track) for the West Bound Chief.

Grand Canyon Junction at Williams with Gorre & Daphetid “#240”
The Gorre & Daphetid Railway was sub contracted to serve as a tourist line between Williams and Grand Canyon.
A hillside scene will be built where the tunnel portal is to give the illusion that trains actually come from the Grand Canyon

Flagstaff AZ
Train #202 is an East Bound Reefer Express and being “iced” as we speak before it heads out across the High Desert on the Colorado Plateau of Arizona and New Mexico. The conductor is missing paper work on a few cars but they will get iced anyway.

Apache Railroad Junction at Holbrook AZ
Used as a return loop track for any direction just for now. Any train can be parked there and held for staging.

Winslow AZ
La Posada Harvey House
Major fuel stop and crew change town where #4 the East Bound Super Chief is stopped right now. Too bad I don’t have a larger area to model this facility better, but accept the two tracks and move on.

Gallup NM
El Navajo Harvey House
Train meet

123 Grand Canyon Limited West Bound 22 El Capitan East Bound

Yatahey Coal line Junction East of Galup #401 Coal Train West Bound

We created a fictitious “Navajo” railroad engine for for working the mine.

Albuquerque NM
Alvarado Harvey House 10 Fast Mail East Bound. This is a 12 car train headed by F7A-B-A on the main line. A passing track is on the left and used for switching industries.

Trailer Train siding Albuquerque NM#251 Trailer Train will be a West Bound after switching piggy back trailers. The model of the trailer train facility was from “Bridges and Buildings” book from Kalmbach publishing. The article stated that the prototype was a Santa Fe structure in Kansas City The lead unit of the Fast Mail is in the background.

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