Where is my order

Where is my order

Order or my be in three different departments.

  1. Being processed
    • “Processing” means that we have received our order and have not started working on it.
  2. In Manufacturing
    • “In Manufactured” means we have pulled your order, and we need something and need to be manufactured. there are a few steps
      1. Buy the rock
      2. Crush the rock
      3. Screen the rock
        • We rescreen Ho scale to pull all the N scale out that we can
      4. Bag and Label the finished product..
  3. In Production
    • • “In Production” means that we have pulled the order, and it is done and has not been shipped
      • There may be two reasons we have not shipped your order.
        1. It is Saturday/ Sunday or a holiday
        2. We have over 25 orders done and are working on shipping the order.
          • We try not to deliver more than 25 orders to the local post office per day because they are a small post office and do not have lost room to store packages.

We have been slow in 2022 in shipping your order

Arizona Rock has been growing by over the past 2 year. Like any business grow is good but all way comes with growing pains. In the past, we have hired people to help us manufacture the rock for your order, But in 2022 we have not been able to find someone to work for us. Plus, there have been some family issues. Include but not limited.

  • Phil ( founder of a rock) dementia has gotten a lot worst.
  • Bill (son of Phil and Jane) has passed away after over 50 days in the ICU.
  • George (the only current worker, marketing person, It department, Sales, and much more) has started dating and spending away from work for the first time.
  • Jane has been in and out of court for Phil Guardianship.

In the future, George will not be working in production and handing this over to the new employee, this should speed up production, but he will monitor the quality of the product.

Check on what we are currently crushing