Wood Boxcar Freight House

A few months ago, I got an Ayres Scale Models “Box Car Freight House” on eBay. This kit dates back to the early ’60s and is all wood like much the models from that era. My Winslow engine service area was a perfect location for this kit as it goes well with a Campbell loading dock that was already there. The scene has become quite congested and taken years to get it that way.

What’s an Ayres kit? Thomas J. Ayres was a 50’s kit builder in California and many of the structures were adapted into the Campbell Scale Models line of products when Leo Campbell bought it from Ayres. Ayres continued to work for Leo for a number of years at least in the capacity as a photographer. He is credited for all those sharp pictures used in the Campbell ads and colour catalogues. Looking at this scene, I realized that four other Ayres kits are in it. The Sand House, Coaling Station, Water Tank and Pump House. Kevin Barnett worked for Campbell and designed the Water Treatment Plant at lower right in this photo.

It’s great to hear how you’ve incorporated these classic Ayres kits into your Winslow engine service area, blending them with other elements like the Campbell loading dock. These old wood kits definitely add a lot of character and authenticity to model railroad scenes.

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Item used in this sence are 1221 Yard Mix, 3001 Kinzua around the Fuel Tanks, 1020 KAIBAB Earth around the Oil Derricks and Office.

What Sets Campbell Scale Models Apart?

The hallmark of Campbell Scale Models is their commitment to quality and realism. Each kit is crafted from high-quality materials, primarily wood, with intricate details that mimic real-world textures and architectures. Unlike many competitors who use plastic, Campbell’s use of wood ensures that each model not only looks authentic but also feels substantial.