The “Copper Range Green Granite N Scale” product is a specialized item for N scale model railway enthusiasts. This product typically features a finely crafted representation of green granite, often used in model railway setups to simulate realistic scenery or as cargo for freight operations. The “Copper Range” part of the name suggests a specific style or origin of the granite, possibly inspired by a real or fictional mining region known for its unique copper-green-colored granite.

This item is ideal for adding detailed, naturalistic touches to miniature landscapes or as a realistic load for N-scale hopper cars and gondolas. Given its N-scale classification, it is designed to fit perfectly within the 1:160 scale, commonly used in model railroading, ensuring that it maintains proper proportion and realism in the context of model train displays. The green granite could also be used in various other decorative capacities within the layout, such as creating rock faces, gravel paths, or other stonework features.

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Cut a corner off the package and sprinkle it out with a shaking motion parallel to the roadbed. Begin at the base of the roadbed slope and apply in layers as you work up to the top. Do this for the other side as well. Apply a thin amount around the ties. Spread the ballast around the ties with a 3/8” brush. Wipe the tiles clean with your finger. Tap the rails with the brush handle to bounce the rock away from the rail flanges. If necessary, groom the sides by dragging a piece of paper. Wet the ballast with wetted water through an eye dropper and drip only on the ties first. Now, bond the material with a mixture of one part white glue and two parts water with an eye dropper in the same way.

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Weight 11.5 oz
Dimensions 4.2 × 2.7 × 8 in


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